Our services

C.A.Warren has significant growing regions at its disposal, both domestically and abroad. Thanks to almost 60 years of experience, C.A.Warren is a full-service provider whose competency encompasses the entire process chain – starting from production and quality control to placement of the products on the shelf. Here, we have access to the main sales channels of the national wine trade.
Modern IT infrastructure ensures the reliable and seamless management of all distribution processes.

C.A.Warren has established a strong reputation for successfully developing, realizing, and placing products on the market. What’s more, we offer our customers comprehensive advice.
Our IFS Broker certificate and our organic certification according to the EU organic production regulation demonstrate that our actions are always characterized by the highest quality standards. We therefore guarantee maximum certainty and trust for our customers.

WIne Trade

We source our products exclusively from reputable brand wine producers, associations, and carefully selected wineries.

Thanks to our direct contact with producers, we can supply our customers with precisely the desired quality. Our tailored concepts help all stakeholders to increase their efficiency.


In our role as full-service provider, we are able to professionally manage and handle the entire process chain, where desired – from production to placement of the products on the shelf. This encompasses buying and selling, marketing, commissioning, storage, distribution, and filling. Naturally, we also assume responsibility for comprehensive quality assurance, take care of all necessary formalities, and support our customers with individually tailored concepts.


Wine has been enjoying increasing popularity in Germany for many years now, and consumers are investing substantially more in wines than in the past. This is reflected not only in growing sales volumes but also a clear increase in the market shares of major retail companies.
However, the ongoing demand requires tailored approaches in order to satisfy the higher quality consciousness.
Our team develop, realize, and place products on the market. Our highly motivated employees ensure high quality in the planning and implementation of market concepts suitable for the target group, which raise the profile of products and open up new sales opportunities.
Moreover, we offer comprehensive services for wine cellars, wineries, as well as national trade companies. If desired, we not only handle the entire product design, including name and brand development as well as graphic design, but also offer professional consulting in the areas of sales, logistics, and quality assurance.